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About Us

We've always been intrigued by the idea of a neighborhood bistro, a place which we simply & affectionately describe as a hole in the wall with comfort food.


At Bavette, we fuse classics of American cuisine with a modern and understated space, some vintage sounds, assorted textures, and time-honored hospitality to provide you with an experience that ultimately exudes one thing: comfort

More than ever, we all find ourselves in need of an escape, somewhere we feel welcome and can be at ease - a spot to call home. Because everybody needs a happy place. Could Bavette be yours?

everybody needs a happy place


Our Patio

Fresh and sustainable are more than just buzz words at Bavette - we actually back it up as we grow many of the greens and veggies we use in a series of hydroponic tower gardens located right outside our doors. More than farm to table, this puts a whole new meaning to patio to plate!


The Mascot

Simplicity, well executed, is unbeatable. It is timeless, never out of style. It's forever, like the design and the feel of a classic Mini Cooper.


That's why we keep ours always within view - as a source of inspiration and constant reminder that innovative, but simple, is just so endlessly cool!

mini cooper

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Bavette Grill

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