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We're greatly inspired by the idea of a neighborhood bistro, a place where which can be described simply as a hole in the wall with comfort food. That's why we blend American cuisine with modern dining spaces, incorporating sights, sounds, textures and timeless hospitality all to provide you one thing: comfort.
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The name bavette comes from the culinary term for the beef bottom sirloin. This particular cut, our signature selection, is incredibly textured, marbled, juicy, full of mouthwatering flavor. Fitting, we feel, as the name "bavette" literally translates to “bib.” You just might need one...
From the plate to the glass... Crafted classics by our resident mixologist...
While we aim to do away with pretense, we do keep some standards. That's why we only source USDA Prime meats, and wet age them in house over 50 days. Our dedication to quality even extends beyond the kitchen and into the patio. Much of the produce used for our appetizers, salads, sides, and even dessert is grown in our hydroponic system found in our patio. When farm-to-table isn't fresh enough, we make it patio-to-plate.
What grows together, goes together. Perfect pairings & our diverse pours...
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